What type of auctions do you post?

Twisterbids posts standard count down based Auctions. When the Auction expires whomever is the Top Bidder wins the right to purchase the auction for the amount they bid.

Are your auctions verified before posting?

All items being auctioned are inspected to be 100% in working condition before being placed for auction.

Are there any warranties for the auctions?

Warranties on auctions may vary from auction to auction. Each auction will advise buyers of any warranty involved. If however no warranty is mentioned in the auction itself, Twisterbids does not by default offer any warranty.

How do I bid?

Bidders must first register with Twisterbids to be able to participate in bidding. Bidders may then locate an auction they wish to bid on and enter an amount higher than the current Top Bidder. This will cause the bidder to become the newest Top Bidder. Other bidders may enter amounts higher than what you posted to claim the title of Top Bidder.

How do I know if I am a winner of an auction?

If at the time the auction expires you are the Top Bidder, you win the auction.

What is the Payment Process after I win a Auction?

Auctions are paid for through the use of Paypal. Once an auction is sold, no refunds will be allowed.

What if I didn’t win an auction, can I still use the “Buy It Now” button?

If the auction had the “Buy It Now” feature enabled, you may attempt to purchase using the “Buy It Now” button. Supplies may vary and are only guaranteed in-stock for the Auction Winner. You may also contact Twisterbids to find out if they have more of the product in-stock.

How do I cancel a auction that I won?

Upon winning an auction the user enters a contractual agreement to pay for the auction won. If the bidder fails to follow through with payment for the auction they will be banned from future auctions and legal recourse may ensue. Twisterbids wants our bidders to take bidding seriously to ensure all of our clients get an equal and fair chance to bid on items placed for auctions.